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Monitor and manage large scale areas from a distance with Drone Security


Drone Security Solutions

Drone Security solutions provide a versatile and efficient method to survey and analyse widespread areas in response to security risks and breaches. This non-obtrusive and rapid technology allows for a proactive way of tracking and reporting intruders without alerting them. Drones are easily deployed to scan a perimeter and report back to the pilot app, which operators can view in real-time of the live camera and thermal feed.


Drone security services provide a holistic approach to protecting property, assets and people by:

  • Monitoring large scale area efficiently to detect unusual objects that a human with limited vision might miss
  • Remotely deploy and manage fleet operations to analyse and secure an area through 24/7 tethered drone autonomations
  • Real-time tracking of intruders via a live video feed that an operator can access remotely to obtain a complete picture of potential risk and threat
  • Response to alarm and event activations instantly through risk-management procedures and security protocols that our drones are programmed to perform
  • Immediately obtain a direct image of hard-to-reach locations and blind spots through dual-camera technology

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