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Wilson Security is a key partner with the Department of Defence, with the responsibilities of Access Control and Security throughout the States and Territories.
The highest levels of training for our security personnel, combined resources and our security expertise is needed to manage these services right across Australia.
With the continued advancement in technology, Wilson Security continue to evolve and present technical solutions for Defence and its security requirements.

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Integrated Security Solutions: Defence

New operating models, extensive use of technology and changing expectations are redefining the Department of Defence. As business models are changing, Wilson Security are having to realign business priorities and adapt to new innovations. 

Using our Integrated Security Solutions Model, we assist the defence sectors to effectively manage their safety. Our teams better protect assets through the provision of physical and technological security support, products and services.

We understand that defence sector works differently and tailor our services accordingly. Our team is focused on providing communities and staff with a safe, warm and welcoming experience.

Case Study: Protecting Critical Infrastructure 

A critical infrastructure site in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, which covers 128 hectares and contains a large amount of copper was consistently attracting criminal activity.

This site was extremely hard to monitor and control suspicious activity. Among these, break-ins, theft, defaced buildings and damage to the site were all common occurrences that went unnoticed until after the fact. The highly attractive location had little perimeter security, and the large area size made it difficult for conventional security to monitor all activity on-site.

Wilson Security were engaged to help manage these ongoing issues and implemented a mobile solar surveillance trailer on site.


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