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Wilson Security provides Canine Security to homes, businesses and organisations Australia-wide.

Our canine security team are highly trained for various industries and high-risk situations, to work as part of a multi-layered system or as a solo service.

Wilson Security working dogs are trained to the highest level of standards in the areas of obedience, agility, tracking and handler protection. The dogs that we recruit for training will undertake strict selection criteria which are achieved through a series of tests, and begins as early as the first few weeks of the puppies life.

Why choose a canine security solution for your business?

A well-trained canine and handler are an extremely effective deterrent to persons of interest that may be targeting or attempting to target your business.

Canines have the capability of offering their handlers an edge while on duty that make them a very formidable opponent to any security program and plan, while also offering a level of protection and awareness humans are not capable of.

Their Olfactory ability is documented to be between 10 thousand to millions of times more sensitive than ours. This is the reason that a canines nose is still more effective than the millions of dollars spent globally to build a machine that can replicate the nose of a canine.

Canine teams are also a safer option for sites that require multiple guards on site, this also allows cost savings while not exposing the integrity of the security service.

Our Clients Include