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Mobile Patrols

How secure is your business?


Wilson Security Mobile Patrols can help protect against everything from an organised burglary, vandalism – or even a water leak.


A cost effective, random scheduling of our physical presence at your business and quick responses to alarms, Wilson Security Mobile Patrols have you covered – so you can focus on what YOU do best.

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RAPID App Technology

Our patrol officers use the RAPID app which allows them to track, report and monitor every stage of an alarm response.

The Rapid system includes:

  • A database with relationships linking client details and information, alarm responses, patrols and invoicing.
  • In car terminals allowing immediate receipt of patrol and alarm response details, patrol route navigation and other critical information.

On dispatch, patrols and alarm responses are automatically assigned to the nearest vehicle where drivers are then navigated to the site.

All responses and patrols are completed by the patrol officer via RAPID, and reports can automatically be emailed as soon as the response is completed.

We have received several awards for the RAPID app including:

  • 2011: Product Innovation (RAPID) at the Australian Business Awards
  • 2011: Product Excellence (RAPID) at the Australian Business Awards
  • 2011: Best Technology product (RAPID) at the Australian Business Awards

Service Options Available

Internal Inspection

This service is a full/partial inspection inside a client’s premises. This usually requires a walkthrough of the office and/or factory/warehouse areas which may also include arming the intruder alarm on behalf of the client.

Semi-Internal Inspection

This service falls between a full internal/external inspection. For example, if the site comprises of a building surrounded by a fence, a semi internal inspection would entail entering through the gate and walking around the site without entering the building.

External Inspection

This service is when the Patrol Officer inspects the outer premises, such as exterior doors, windows, fence lines or gates to confirm no signs of unlawful entry have occurred.

Standard Patrol Option

These can be arranged so that your property can receive the same number of patrols per night whilst mixing them up between External, Semi -Internal or Internal inspections, so there is no common theme that intruders can pick up on.

Combination Patrol Services

This style of service is an even greater deterrent in keeping intruders out of your property. This service is based on adjusting the frequency of calls on various nights, thus avoiding set patterns to anyone watching and contemplating on breaking into a property.
Wilson Security Mobile Patrols



The services include mobile patrols and alarm responses to various critical water and waste water assets. Wilson Security was selected due to their demonstrated track record of service in Victoria and overall capability and capacity, including a commitment to innovation and technology.
Peter O’Bree, Contracts and Governance, Melbourne Water
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Mobile Patrols Terms and Conditions

Click here to view Wilson Security's Terms and Conditions.