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Do I need static security personnel or mobile patrols?

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Every business owner wants to know that their assets are secure, but how best to do it? With each property requiring a unique response and with a range of security options to choose from, building and implementing a security framework that protects your business can be difficult.

Fortunately, the process can be simplified. Determining the kind of security staffing arrangement your property requires is key, and this can help shape the rest of your framework. Central to the question of security staffing is, do you need static security personnel or mobile patrols? While both add a human element to your security framework, they are suited to different areas and have unique operational requirements that must be considered.

To help you make a more informed choice, Wilson Security has put together a few points to consider when making security staffing decisions for your business. Read on and ensure your organisation has the protection it needs.

Suiting different kinds of sites

Key to making the right decision is understanding the specific needs of your property, and how different security solutions may serve these needs. It is self-evident that the security needs of a jewellery store are going to differ significantly from those of a construction site, but have you considered the different needs of different jewellery stores? Your location, your assets, your business activities – all of these will impact the nature of the threats you face and the types of security responses that are required to counter them. In light of this, it's important to keep the relative strengths of static security and mobile patrols in mind.

Static security personnel are best suited in locations where constant surveillance of people or assets operating in a fixed area are required. Whether this is high-value stock in a retail space or secure areas in a building, static securitiy personnel are able to provide the unbroken surveillance you need to minimise the chance of a breach.

Conversely, mobile patrols are more suited to areas where assets are either physically larger or distributed over a wider area, such as industrial facilities or construction sites. This is not to say to the assets under their protection have a lower monetary value than those protected by static security personnel, rather that because of their size or design they are harder to remove from the location. Consider the difference between cash or jewellery and construction equipment or commercial vehicles. Often these assets will be stored on larger properties, making constant surveillance of all items prohibitively expensive or simply not feasible.

Security Guards Patrolling

The possibility for providing additional services

When considering your choice of security staffing solution, it is important to think about how this fits into their overall operations. Savvier owners may be able to further enhance productivity or customer satisfaction with the right security team.

Beyond confirming asset security, mobile patrols can also be used to provide maintenance checks and hazard reporting, filing reports throughout their shift in addition to their normal duties. This not only keeps your assets safe from vandalism or theft, but contributes to keeping your employees safe from faulty equipment and on-the-job accidents.

The right static security personnel can offer you a new way to engage with customers. Whether you're welcoming clients into an office or buyers into a store, concierge security personnel can provide both the information customers need to make decisions as well as the protection your organisation requires. Training will differ depending on requirements, but concierge security have served as receptionists, tour guides, retail assistants and more, fitting into a wide variety of roles and corporate structures.

A difference in perception

Businesses should consider how the choice of security personnel affects the public perception of the company. Uniformed static security personnel have the potential to be perceived as imposing. Depending on your business, this may work for or against you, either intimidating customers away from a sale or sending a clear message to business partners that you take their security and the security of your organisation seriously. Equally, mobile patrols can project an air of efficiency and agility, demonstrating an ability to respond to changing circumstances in a measured and precise way. Carefully consider how your chosen security staffing solution presents your business.

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