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Identify unauthorised personnel the moment they attempt to breach a boundary line with perimeter systems


Perimeter Systems

Perimeter Systems is utilised as the first line of defence for property and physical infrastructure. This technology is used to identify and deter unauthorised personnel from the moment they attempt to breach a boundary line instead of allowing time for the intruders to attempt to enter a physical structure. These systems are a valuable asset to protect what's in the facility or yards of the premise, or if entering the premise is a high risk to health and safety. 


  • Multi-faceted detection solutions including Electric Fence Security and Fence Detection Systems
  • Thermal Detection Software to provide the full scope of detecting people and objects, even at night
  • Rapid and instant recognition of intruders, providing early warning signs for potential risk and trespass to premises
  • Designed to detect movement of people, vehicles and object and provide a physical deterrence to potential intruders

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