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Case Study: Appearance Search in Commercial Real Estate

A corporate client of ours were experiencing a range of security issues across their portfolio and approached Wilson Security to help provide innovative solutions to these issues.

Some of the issues they were experiencing included:

  • The time it took staff to search footage with requests for security searches/CCTV review per week taking up many valuable hours each week
  • The security team were observing and reacting to minimal CCTV incidents per hour 
  • They had a dedicated focus and resources allocated to CCTV monitoring as a priority activity
  • Delays for guards to provide contractor access, keys, escorts etc averaging 30 minutes each
  • Reliance upon staff ability to constantly view CCTV monitors without 'distraction' and reliance upon human eyes to detect 'unusual activity' within small CCTV thumbnails.
  • There were numerous foot patrols each shift tasked with looking for incidents, behaviours and unusual activity as CCTV lacked ability to identify or capture.

Wilson Security implemented a range of solutions including:

  • Installed Avigilon H5A analytics cameras
  • Installed multiple workstations for security staff.
  • Provided Cloud access to key users
  • Configured LPR in the basement
  • Configured facial recognition
  • Configured self-learning analytics
  • Brought on legacy cameras

The results from the successful implementation included:

  • Overall enhanced security posture within the precinct under coverage.
  • Enhanced volume of targeted security responses, tripling the number of observances captured and allowing action per shift.
  • Reduced time spent on CCTV searches from hours to just minutes
  • Redeploy and redirect security resources to customer services and facilities management support activities by an average 25%
  • Reduced customer, contractor and visitor wait times by 66%
  • Improved effectiveness and targeting of security foot patrols, allowing redeployment and redirection of security resources into customer service activities.  

The Site Security Manager quoted:

“Since the upgrade by Wilson Security, it has been noticed that Surveillance and movements throughout the building and vicinity has been greatly improved. The ability to now conduct Facial Recognition, Licence Plate detection and Unusual activity has been improved tenfold making the site even more Secure and enhancing the capabilities of the onsite Security Team. With the ability to track and monitor, this cuts the cost of time delays in trying to attempt multiple recordings and loss of guard time at having to repeat searches due to the previous system being less effective. I feel that this will save the sites loss of time, and save money with the surveillance and monitoring able to be conducted more effectively and with the recording being able to be a lot more accurate. The effectiveness of the new CCTV upgrade to Avigilon is now being recognised through the team and showing more detailed monitoring than was previously afforded from the original CCTV”

This was a highly successful implementation and demonstration of the cameras, analytics and application capabilities that Wilson Security provide.



CCTV searches reduced from hours to minutes

Reduced wait times by 66%

3 times the number of observances captured