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Automate the counting of people entering and exiting your business

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Occupancy Counting Analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life, and as new information emerges about businesses reopening and restrictions lifting to give way to a new definition of normalcy, there remains public and health safety guidelines to curb the spread. How do businesses open up their operations while keeping their employees and customers safe?

Using occupancy counting analytics organisations can easily count and identify the number of people in a facility. This removes the staffing costs required to count people manually, particularly where facilities have multiple entry and exit points.

Occupancy Counting helps organisations comply with social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of people in a facility, thereby reducing the interactions between them.

Occupancy Counting leverages analytic-enabled cameras that feature advanced object detection, including enhanced detection of people, which is particularly suitable for facility entrances or exits.


  • As people enter a facility, they are counted, and a front door display can show the current occupancy. When the occupancy is exceeded, a red screen alerts and provides directions to wait 
  • Identifies peak times and high traffic points
  • Supports social distancing
  • Powered by AI enabled video analytics

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Occupancy Counting Technology