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Monitor and protect your business with autonomous AI Fixed Surveillance Cameras

A CCTV system can enhance safety, protect assets, support investigations and response to crimes and support business operations more broadly. Further, CCTV integration with other systems allows security personnel to use video verification for confirmation and response of any alarms and events as they occur. 

Companies have long faced the difficulty of monitoring and analysing millions of hours of video surveillance camera material. Automating the monitoring and warning of risks in security footage, allows businesses to focus on the important aspects of their day to day operations. 

When using the AI Fixed Surveillance Cameras, our solution:

  • Only alert you when a person is trespassing and distinguishes between objects and animals
  • Has the ability to locate a person from further than what the eye can see— in Full HD
  • Won’t overwhelm your data network with false alarms

AI Fixed Camera Surveillance Solutions features

  • Event Detection
  • Includes cloud subscription
  • Remote access via web / mobile device
  • Event Verification – Incident review
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Virtual Patrols

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