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Expedite contact tracing efforts with a range of Video Analytics

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Contact Tracing Technology

Healthcare officials and organisations are facing the challenge of contact
tracing quickly and effectively to curb the spread. Time is of the essence
when it comes to backtracking an infected person and identifying potential people who were exposed to the infected person or contaminated areas, but there are currently gaps in information.

Using contact tracing technology, security operators can use this system to trace an infected individuals steps to identify surfaces that were touched and who else came into contact with that individual and anything that they touched. 

The security team is then in a position to obtain robust information to help
determine which other employees have also accessed the same doors
or areas during the same time frame as the infected employee – which
can help in determining the number of potentially exposed people.



  • Reduce hours of work searching through video footage to find an individual 
  • You can find individual doors that an individual attempted to access and tracing back their steps
  • You can find individuals via an appearance search (physical description search) in order to determine all areas that they accessed
  • You can produce reports of all individuals who came into close contact of the infected individual
Contact Tracing Technology
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