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Interact and gain situational awareness with control center video security systems

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Video Management Systems

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7, the latest and most advanced version of Avigilion video management software, enhances the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video. As a distributed network platform with enterprise-class reliability, ACC™ software is able to efficiently capture, manage and store high definition surveillance video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.


  • Unusual motion and unusual activity detection
  • Appearance Search Analytics (included with H5A cameras and Avigilon Software)
  • Object classification analytics (included with H5A cameras and Avigilon Software)
  • COVID related Analytics (Occupancy, Social distancing and Face Mask detection)
  • Focus of Attention (FOA) interface - A cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that leverages AI and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators.
  • Secure access points
  • Cyber security and privacy protection
  • Cloud connected ACC software
  • Facial Recognition analytics – (licenced feature)
  • License plate recognition analytics – (licenced feature)
Control Centre Software
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