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Protecting your industrial Internet of Things (IOT)

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Motorola Solutions Mission Critical IOT

Mission Critical Internet of Things helps customers with a proactive approach to address constantly-evolving cyber security threats and manage the complexity of regulatory standards, specified Information Assurance and IT security requirements. It helps your company achieve acceptable compliance levels and keep your networks fully operational.

Mission Critical Internet of Things can help, allowing you to collect, analyze, and share real-time information from your mass notification and alert systems. With event-specific emergency communications sent to targeted audiences, messages are more effective. Motorola Solutions MC-IoT enables smarter, more efficient, and more proactive communications, to keep communities as safe as possible.


  • Protect your daily operations from being compromised
  • Tighten your security with right network, devices and services
  • Provides critical layers of protection fro all points of entry between your computers, system servers, communications network and the outside world.
  • Strengthen your communications bridge
  • Provides early, clear, and continuous communication during an emergency
  • Timely notifications helps to stay informed and take appropriate action
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