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Delivering connectivity and distributed access benefits to Control Centre users

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services makes it incredibly easy to remotely access video from all your Control Center sites. Connecting control center sites to the cloud allows organisations with multiple locations to centralise access to their control center sites securely from a browser or mobile device. No special user configuration or complicated network changes are required, saving time and making it easy to access video from anywhere.

The Cloud Services platform enables a modern cloud-connected user experience, accessible from a web browser. It lays the foundation for clients to connect to the cloud and take advantage of capabilities and features that provide centralised access across distributed systems.



  • Remotely access live and recorded video, create and view bookmarks, and export videos to a local drive.
  • Enhanced Security - Provides timely and proactive responses to analytic alarms, sent from control center software as push notifications directly to the Mobile app.
  • Platform agnostic -Access from anywhere on Windows, Mac or Chromebook using a standard Chrome, Safari or Edge2 browser, or from Mobile app, available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Cloud connectivity to control center sites – Connects control center sites to the cloud, which helps to centralise media access, system management, and integrations.
Cloud Services
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