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Integrate powerful video mangement software with reliable two-way radio communications

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Automated Radio Alerts

Automated Radio Alert takes easy-to-use video management software – that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics – and integrates it with two-way radios that offer exceptional voice quality to keep the workforce connected.

This solution enables users to receive and acknowledge control center alarms. Alerts of activity happening on a site are dispatched directly to their radios via text message and/or text-to-voice alerts. This allows security personnel to be notified through their two-way radios so that when analytics or access control events occur, they can quickly investigate without needing to monitor activity on a computer screen.


  • Assists with safer and stronger protection of staff, teachers and students with real-time notification of potential security threats.
  • Maximise investments with an integrated solution that leverages the strengths of video management software with analytics, access control integration and reliable two-way radio communications.
  • Efficient use of resources that allows security personnel to be on active patrol while confidently relying on artificial intelligence to monitor and inform them over radio of security of matters that require further investigation or immediate response.
  • Proactive notifications and contextual alerts
Radio Alerts
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