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Why Wilson Security are one of the Best Healthcare Security Providers

Australian healthcare workers are our most valuable resource, which is why Wilson Security considers it a privilege to provide tailored security programs for a diverse range of facilities, clinics, and hospitals nationwide. So, why are we often their first choice for security solutions? Wilson Security explains why we’re on the cutting edge of safety in healthcare.

We take the time to understand your needs

No two clinics, hospitals, or facilities are the same; not only in what services you offer, but in the layout of your treatment areas, waiting rooms, and corridors. That’s not to mention how the building itself is set up, the access points, the geographical location, and the types of patients and guests you’re likely to receive. With all these factors, it’s easy to see why there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ security solution that can be applied to all healthcare providers.

That’s why Wilson Security consultants are committed to understanding your needs. We take the time to pore over every detail of your workplace, discovering what kinds of security you might need, and advising on appropriate protocols your staff should follow in order to keep everybody safe if a potentially dangerous situation were to arise.

An extensive suite of security solutions

We dedicate considerable time to ensuring we are up to date with the latest security technology and training so that we can offer healthcare providers an advanced suite of security solutions. This culminates in a comprehensive service that can include:

Officers and guards

Wilson Security officers and guards are an elite force. As well as receiving exceptional basic training, the officers and guards who are assigned to healthcare facilities receive extensive and specialised education on navigating security in what can be an intense, highly-emotional workplace.

Advanced technology

A physical presence should be paired with advanced technology. Wilson Security provide CCTV and access control systems to a variety of healthcare facilities. CCTV is ideal for monitoring the activity of visitors, patients, and staff, and access control cards or codes ensure restricted areas are only accessed by those with permission.

Patrols & response teams

For healthcare facilities spread over a large area – hospitals, university medical clinics, etc. – having a mobile response team at the ready can be vital if a negative situation arises. With its own fleet of security vehicles, an efficient and effective team of Wilson Security officers can be at your location swiftly, assessing the situation and deciding how best to proceed.

Highly trained staff

All of our staff receive the highest standard of industry-specific training. This is essential for officers stationed in healthcare facilities, as they will likely be interacting with vulnerable, injured, and emotionally-charged people. Understanding their role in a conflict – and ensuring healthcare staff are aware of protocols – is essential for security staff to diffuse situations safely.

Years of experience providing exceptional security

Since our inception, Wilson Security have been on the forefront of security solutions – not just for healthcare, but a wide variety of institutions and industries. From protecting government officials to patrolling major infrastructure, we are proud to be a leading name in the security industry.

Could you benefit from a dedicated security service at your workplace? Then it’s time to speak to a Wilson Security consultant. Providing tailored programs for healthcare facilities is a service we specialise in. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace, your current security systems, and existing protocols before providing you with our suggestions and advice.

It’s our mission to ensure the safety of your staff, patients, and visitors. To get started, please call 1300 945 766 or reach us via

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