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Why early warning signs of potential health risks are critical?

Why early warning signs of potential health risks are critical

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, health risk management has never been more important. Health risks can be hard to test and manage, especially while maintaining social distancing measures. So, how can you recognise the early warning signs of such a health risk, and respond in a way that puts safety first?

Thermal scanners are one way that authorities are using technology to battle the novel Coronavirus . This is because fever is a primary symptom of COVID-19. However, there are challenges. Manual temperature checks are becoming a more common part of COVID-19 health security strategies. However, are there safer alternatives to manual safety checks? We explore the options in detail.

Why manual temperature checks can be risky

Temperature checks have become standard in areas such as airports and outside shops to identify those who may have COVID-19. To do a standard body temperature check, you need to be in close proximity with the receiver. However, face-to-face contact can put your staff at greater risk of infection.
Hand-held temperature guns are also prone to human error . People may use the wrong instruments or use the right ones inaccurately. For example, industrial grade infrared thermometers are currently being used on people. However, these devices aren’t made to measure human body temperature. Use of the wrong devices can lead to incorrectly readings, potentially further skewing false or missing positive results.

Without proper process, this situation could result in healthy people mingling in spaces with sick people. This can lead to incorrect readings that are missing positive cases or leading to false positives, which without the proper process may send healthy people to spaces with sick people. Manual testing has its downfalls, but there are alternatives emerging…

What are thermal body temperature cameras?

Thermal body temperature cameras are an alternative to manual testing. They are a tool that perform infrared scans of people walking by. They’re capable of displaying their body temperature from a 3-metre radius. A healthy adult temperature should be around 36°C. Those with infection may have an elevated skin temperature of 37.5-39°C or more. Wilson Security uses this modern thermal camera as a safer and more reliable way to detect health risks. It’s also known for its multi-person capability and highly accurate body temperature measurement.

What are some benefits of thermal body temperature cameras?

With the help of thermal cameras, we can provide more accurate detection of potential health risks. Installing these non-contact thermal body temperature measurement devices also help us to detect elevated temperatures from a safe distance.

This intelligent system replaces reduces common risks of contamination and boosts accuracy, especially when compared to manual thermometers. The cameras can help detect those with the virus, increasing the response rate and reduction of the spread to others. By using this technology, you’re more empowered to swiftly and accurately identify one of COVID-19’s main symptoms in crowds.

Where are thermal cameras used?

Thermal cameras are in high demand, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 situation. Areas such as banks, critical infrastructure, courts, airports, age care, prisons and commercial real estate are some early adopters of this technology. However, the technology is being utilised in a variety of public spaces. In China, Chengdu’s East Railway Station has scanned thousands of people as they pass the station’s gates . Employees report this system is much better.

What happens if the thermal camera detects above average readings?

Once the Body Temperature Measurement Camera (BTMC) system detects any abnormalities, we suggest that the individual is removed from the general public and taken to a secondary area for further screening. We advise that a trained healthcare worker takes over this process to ensure other patrons are kept safe.

From here, a healthcare worker will undergo a screening assessment of the individual, and advise on any further steps that are required to be taken, including transportation management as sending them into crowded spaces (e.g. public transport) can be dangerous.

By identifying and responding, you can protect your staff and customers from risk of infection – which is paramount in the current environment.
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Prepare for potential health risks with the right tools and expertise

Wilson Security has the expertise and advanced equipment to help you prepare for critical health risks, including COVID-19 and beyond. Get in touch with us today to get a thermal body temperature camera installed for your business.

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