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The role of security services in local government

The role of security services in local government

For any local government body, your most important asset is the people and property that make up your community. Keeping them safe and secure should be a priority. This can be managed with the use of high-quality security services.

Professional security services can provide a number of benefits to local government, working with your existing security to keep a community safe in a variety of ways.

Inspections in and around the community to prevent conflict

One of the most visible roles security plays in local government is running perimeter and internal patrols or inspections. By showing their presence in-and around a community, you’re able to not only make community members feel at ease, but also dissuade any potential antisocial behaviour.

In a mobile patrol vehicle, security officers will either inspect in set timeframes and/or random infrequent onsite visits.

These inspections may look into:

  • Alarm responses
  • Virtual patrols (via CCTV and detection systems)
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Noise complaints
  • Suspicious activity.

Security providers can also offer a community watch patrol service and custom co-branded community patrol vehicles. These vehicles have cameras, license plate recognition and spotlights, helping to protect the community.

Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders

When employing outside security professionals, it’s important that you’re able to facilitate cooperation between your existing stakeholders and the security officers. This means that community members can feel the benefits of added security measures, rather than have two opposing teams get in each other’s way.

High-quality security teams will work with, not against key stakeholders such as park rangers, community watch programs and local police.

This seamless collaboration means your community will maintain the great qualities that existing services provide, alongside security officers who are united in the community’s common goals. 

Compliance with relevant government acts and clearances

A key part of running security services in your local government is abiding by the large variety of government acts and/or clearances. With a minimal security team, you run the risk of not having all correct paperwork in order.

Experienced and professional security services will abide by your local government acts within your respective state. They will also maintain the correct state certifications when tasked with performing security duties – both scheduled and unscheduled.

Security officers will have also maintained all Australian government security clearances, while completing pre-employment clearances with respective departments.

Also vital to a security’s role with any local government is the ability to comply with the AS/NZS 4421 Guard and Patrol Security Services Standard.

Being able to comply with all relevant clearances and certifications is key to security professionals assisting your local government in the best manner possible.

Bringing aboard enhanced security measures for your community

People and property make up the thriving hub of a community and are the crown jewel behind successful local governments. Keeping these community members and their properties safe can be done by bringing in a high-quality security service like Wilson Security.

Our team work hand-in-hand with local governments right across Australia, with this partnership allowing communities to feel more protected and secure than ever before.