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How we support commercial building operations and management

In commercial buildings, safety and care are critical. Security personnel can play a crucial role, acting as an extension of the facilities manager or building manager. They’re there to help protect the building and tenants around the clock.

Commercial buildings, such as high-rise office buildings in the city, require 24/7 vigilance and support. High-rise buildings require a variety of services and checks to best contain complex technical and operational components, direct high traffic flow, and minimise risks.

In the COVID-19 era, security personnel are even more important to everyone’s safety. Wilson Security is a valued partner for building management administer services in changing, unparalleled conditions. Learn how our security officers can help to ensure commercial buildings are safe and clean for your people.

Provide watertight building management and operations

With many moving parts and systems, commercial buildings require daily checks from diligent personnel on the ground. In most cases, building owners or managers cannot conduct these checks on their own due to time restraints and frequency requirements.

In this instance, having trusted security personnel who can act as an extension of the building operations management is invaluable. Establishing enhanced property and people protection allows building managers the freedom to focus on other business, such as future growth.

Conduct surveillance and checks of critical infrastructure

When you have a commercial skyrise building with thousands of tenants, you cannot afford to take any shortcuts on safety protocol.

If something goes wrong, such as a burst pipe or a power loss, this can jeopardise building safety and can be very costly. Having professional security personnel on-site at all times means they can detect, avert and resolve issues before they become a crisis situation. 

Lift motor room checks

Elevator security and safety is paramount. Functional lifts help workers to reach their office quickly and safely – they’re vital to the proper operation of a busy high-rise building. The motor room is the space that houses the electrical controls and machinery that run them. It’s important to conduct regular lift motor room checks to ensure lifts remain operational for everybody in the building.

Security personnel can assist with motor room surveillance, reporting anything out of the ordinary to the relevant authorities or building manager.

Basic meter readings and condition reports of plant room and critical equipment

Given the size of many high-rise buildings and volume of tenants, energy efficiency in commercial buildings is a priority. Regular monitoring of meter readings can help to ensure that energy consumption does not exceed acceptable levels.  

Security personnel can help to monitor readings and conduct condition reports of the plant room and critical equipment. This support can be instrumental in documenting issues or irregularities in a timely way. Thorough condition reports can also be valuable evidence for any disputes that may arise.

Offer technical support for access cards

In large commercial buildings, access cards ensure only tenants and permitted visitors have access to lifts, doors and other secure parts of the building. Access cards are connected to tenants’ credentials, so it’s easy for building managers to keep track of when people enter and exit the building.

Wilson Security can help facilitate technical support for access cards. In a fluid employment and contractor market, a constant stream of incoming and outgoing staff can complicate matters. For this reason, access cards need to be regularly updated – keeping track of activated and deactivated cards is an important control measure.

Perform first aid in an emergency situation

Every one of our security officers have completed first aid training. They are often first on the scene and can provide basic medical aid before emergency services arrive. Whether it’s a medical emergency, fire, or any other crisis, our security team is there to help keep everyone safe.

Assist with contactor escorts and surveillance of works in building

Our team of security personnel can safely guide any external contractors and oversee their operations in the building. This ensures safety measures are met and only authorised persons enter and operate on the premises.

Wilson Security officers are available both during and after business hours to help aid safe and well-coordinated building repairs or works.

Assist with robust COVID-19 procedures and measures

Security officers can assist building and facility managers to successfully execute their COVID-19 response plans. While office buildings are operating at a reduced capacity, those who remain on-site need procedures in place to uphold their safety. These measures will remain important as pandemic restrictions fluctuate into the foreseeable future.

During this global pandemic, employees and tenants alike need to abide by government guidelines to help protect all building staff and the greater community. Wilson Security personnel can assist with social distancing requirements by monitoring building occupancy numbers. They’re also able to keep a watchful eye on building conditions and general cleanliness.

Security personnel can apply their particular skills to help determine potential congregation areas and advise on additional safety measures. Other actions could include requesting more cleaning in specific areas, or the enforcement of extra social distancing measures in small spaces, such as lifts.   

Taking these comprehensive steps can put you in better stead to avoid an outbreak in your commercial building.

Your trusted partners in commercial building security and operations

As one of Australia’s leading security providers, Wilson Security is there to protect the people, property and assets within your commercial building. Our highly-trained on-site officers create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all tenants, visitors, owners, and managers.

Contact Wilson Security to discuss a custom security solution for your commercial property. You can count on us to safeguard your operations, people, and future.

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