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Mobile Patrol solutions during COVID-19

With so many people working from home during the COVID-19 crisis and so many businesses being forced to shut their doors, how can businesses make sure they are protected when no one is around? During this uncertain time, businesses face a range of security issues including:

  • Organised burglary that could wipe out stock or equipment
  • Graffiti and vandalism to the building and equipment
  • Arson
  • Vagrancy
  • Safety issues such as damages due to unchecked water leaks or changes to storage temperatures in plant rooms
  • Illegal dumping

Mobile security patrols are a very cost-effective way to ensure that businesses are being protected while no one is there.  

At a micro level, mobile patrols are trained security staff that drive to your business and undertake a patrol of your site. At a macro level, there are a range of activities that mobile patrols undertake to ensure businesses are protected.  Find out about the different ways we protect businesses with mobile patrols:

1. Conduct random patrols day and night

Our mobile patrol staff conduct random patrols of businesses and these can be day or night or a combination of both. These patrols provide businesses with a consistent physical security presence at sites. Mobile patrols can work as a visible presence and physical deterrent to intruders, but they can also ensure regular feedback and monitoring of your surroundings for potential or ongoing threats to your company or community. In the current climate, we are seeing an increase in both day and night patrols being required as more and more businesses are shutting their doors. With patrols being the most cost-effective security method for any business, it’s the stand out choice of business owners.

2. Alarm responses

A lot of our clients have mobile patrols check on their businesses once an alarm is triggered. The process of responding to alarms is as follows:

These quick (but safe) responses to alarms allow for faster action. Many clients are having their alarm systems monitored currently as their offices are empty, to ensure their business is protected.

3. Management of issues

With businesses being closed, there’s always a worry that something could occur without anyone’s knowledge. When our mobile patrol staff attend a business and undertake a patrol, they check that nothing else has occurred that could call for alarm, this could include a broken water main, broken window or storm damage. This requires further maintenance and our patrol staff not only report the incident but also coordinate the response, whether it be calling a glazier or other emergency services to deal with the situation. This ensures that the issue is dealt with in a timely manner, so the damage is reduced.

4. Remove trespassers

Our staff are trained to handle situations involving trespassers – this may involve asking them to move on or calling emergency services.

5. Ensuring everyone has left the building

Our patrol staff carry our checks to ensure that all staff have left the building including checking that everyone has departed, performing a seal check and arming the alarm system.

6. Escort services

We carry out a range of escort services across Australia in various sectors including escorting buses on problem routes, escorting customers between car parks and local public transport, between offices and car parks etc. In the current climate, our mobile patrol service has seen an increase in providing escorts for age care workers, nursing staff in hospitals and lone workers finishing late at night.

7. Security signage

With so many businesses being closed currently, it’s important to be able to display that your business is being protected by a security company. At Wilson Security we provide corflute signs for fences and window stickers so potential thieves are deterred from carrying out any activity.

8. Lock and unlock services

Our staff provide lock and unlock services for a range of businesses, these include unlock and locking of utilities such as public toilets and other community services. These services are being carried out across factories, warehouses, workshops, and shopping centres.

Why choose Wilson Security during to protect your business?

  • We have one of the largest fleets of mobile patrol businesses in Australia and each have visible livery to deter threats
  • Our staff are well presented and wear a standard patrol uniform, again providing a visible deterrent to threats
  • All of our patrol staff are trained and with the current COVID-19 crisis, our staff have undergone extra training and undergo a vehicle hygiene checklist that each patrol staff member needs to undertake at the start and end of their shift
  • Our staff have and will continue to be issued appropriate PPE during their shift
  • We are staggered shifts for start and end times to reduce contact between groups
  • Wilson Security complies with legislative requirements and engages properly licensed staff
  • We have a 24/7 National Operations Centre that coordinates all the resources to respond to an issue quickly
  • We have enhanced online reporting that allows our clients to see photos of any incidents that have occurred at their site

Our focus is to ensure the ongoing peace of mind and we are committed to helping our customers and our communities get through this crisis. To help you protect your business during this time, please get in touch with us as we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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