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Wilson Security’s integrated security solutions for commercial real estate

When it comes to protecting commercial buildings, it pays to have a trustworthy security plan in place. A security team can help to provide an agile and integrated solution, featuring mobile patrols, surveillance, advanced technology and COVID-19 security protocols.

For commercial buildings, such as office spaces or hotels, Wilson Security provides integrated security services that cater to this unique sector. Having these robust security measures in place ensures your premises and people are protected at all times.   

As leaders in the commercial real estate space, our full range of services, innovative technology and customer service training equip our staff with the skills to handle anything.

Security guard manpower on-site

While security cameras can detect abnormalities, it takes an experienced security officer to interpret those incidences and provide the right response. Some buildings don’t have guards physically on-site every night. That means that someone isn’t there to provide a swift and effective response.

Wilson Security officers can play a key role in:

  • Making tenants, visitors and your staff feel safe
  • Operations management
  • Conducting important checks
  • Acting as an extension on your building management team.

Wilson Security guards help protect the building 24/7, ensuring that people are entering a safe and compliant environment. As part of this they observe, report and respond to a range of safety breaches and security procedures.

When Wilson Security personnel are on your premises, they can go direct to the source of an alarm or suspicious activity and provide immediate action.

How physical guards can protect people

There are a wide range of activities that security guards may need to respond to on a commercial premise. Security personnel can deter damage to property, such as graffiti and vandalism. Their presence can even save lives.

For example, youths attempt to break into commercial buildings regularly. By breaking and entering, some aim to participate in the dangerous viral trend, ‘rooftopping’. Rooftopping is when someone hangs from the edge of a building to take a selfie – aiming to garner likes and follows on social media. These extreme selfie attempts have sadly resulted in many deaths and present a serious danger to commercial building owners.

According to the Property Council of Australia, property owners and managers should review security measures to counteract this dangerous trend.

Should an incident like this occur on commercial property, the owner could be responsible for public liability. In instances such as this, security plays a critical role. 

Mobile patrols on-call

At Wilson Security, we make it our business to protect yours. In the face of risks, such as theft, damage and safety issues, our modern fleet of mobile patrols track, report and monitor every stage of an incident.

In addition to incident responses, our mobile patrol can assist with:

  • Staff welfare checks
  • Escorts of cash, stock or equipment in transit
  • Proactive scheduled patrols
  • A combination of these services.

We equip our mobile patrols with state-of-the-art systems and a network of officers who can respond quickly, protecting your business and its people.

Harnessing advanced technology

Technological advancements help security providers to be more effective in their roles. At Wilson Security, we strive to find and use the most innovative tools to help us best protect you. Technology will continue to open doors for our team to be proactive and even predictive in this unique environment. We are passionate about exploring the best data-driven security trends so we can provide more targeted and efficient solutions.

During COVID-19, the need for agile thinking and technology is more important than ever. Here are just some of the tools and innovations our team of security experts use to protect you.

Digital surveillance

We keep a watchful eye on every corner of your commercial premises with advanced digital surveillance solutions. Our CCTV and video management systems monitor your entire property and grounds, ensuring breaches can be detected and responded to any time of the day or night.

Thermal cameras

Our thermal body temperature detection cameras can safely detect elevated temperatures in people. Our Body Temperature Measurement Camera (BTMC) system is ideal for identifying viruses. The BTMC system can analyse, visualise and detect skin temperature from a distance, generating a safe and accurate reading. This industry-leading tool is contactless and fast, which is ideal for high-rise office buildings with high traffic flows. 

Using our thermal cameras, we can protect your tenants and staff from critical health risks. This security solution is also easy-to-use and portable, making it one of the most advanced detection devices on the market.

Access control systems

In commercial real estate, access control systems ensure your tenants can safely get where they need to in the building. Our access control systems range includes key cards, smart card entry and biometric finger scans. We can help your tenants obtain, update or deactivate their access control as needed.

Electronic detection

Our state-of-the-art electronic detection systems detect security breaches in real-time, ensuring security guards can respond promptly.

Perimeter security

We have a range of perimeter security tools, such as line alarm monitoring and digital signal processing, to help keep all parameters of your premises safe.

Unified security solutions for commercial real estate

When it comes to protecting the commercial real estate sector, our highly-trained security personnel are the experts you need for the job. No matter how big or complex your building and tenants’ needs are, Wilson Security’s integrated solutions are swift, comprehensive and dependable.

Contact Wilson Security today to discuss our tailored commercial security solutions. 

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