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What does healthcare look like in Australia?

Australia’s healthcare system is one of the most comprehensive services in the world, with international patients often travelling across the globe to seek treatment here. With world-class hospitals, skilled surgeons and industry-leading specialists and researchers, Australia is often at the forefront of medical advances and care.

Healthcare is a broad term for a multitude of sectors, ranging from general and preventative medicine all the way to complex and ground-breaking treatments. Wilson Security is proud to offer a range of protective services to the many facets of the healthcare industry, safeguarding those who look after our loved ones when they need it most.

General and preventative health

When you or a loved one are feeling under the weather, but don’t require emergency attention, general practitioners are often the first point of call. Trained to recognise and treat a wide range of conditions, general practice doctors can assess conditions and ascertain if an issue needs to be forwarded onto a specialist. They also provide long-term health plans, also known as preventative healthcare. Preventative care refers to measures put in place to keep people healthy before issues arise, such as healthy eating and exercise plans, assistance to quit smoking, and advice on reducing alcohol consumption.

World-class specialists and surgeons

There’s a reason why Australian surgeons are leaders in their fields. Our medical universities enjoy tutorials and lectures from leading specialists, and doctors often travel abroad to learn techniques and further their skills from surgeons located in other countries. They then bring fresh and revolutionary skills and techniques back home and share their knowledge with the next generation of specialists and surgeons. That’s why our surgeons are highly sought after for vital and elective surgeries. From renowned brain surgeons who tackle the most challenging cases, to plastic surgeons sharing their skills to help burns victims, Australia is blessed to call some of the brightest minds in medicine permanent residents.

Industry leading researchers and scientists

News headlines often declare breakthroughs by Australian medical researchers. With some of the most elite medical scientists in the world calling Australia home, we continue to be on the cutting edge of some of the most advanced healthcare treatments and developments. Recent successes reported by researchers include mapping the genetic structure of viruses like the flu, to identifying genetic variants that could predict which people are at greater risk of developing melanoma; critical information that could change the lives of people worldwide.

Offering both private & public systems

Australia’s public and private systems both offer exceptional standards of care, but there are differences between the two. The public system is comprised of public hospitals and medical clinics/practices that are affiliated with/receive funding from the government. Vital and emergency treatments and procedures are able to be accessed for free or for a reduced fee through Medicare, which is funded by taxpayers.

The private system includes specialists, clinics, and other medical providers that are privately owned and managed. This includes private hospitals, allied health, and pharmacists – all of which are funded by both governments and private entities such as private health insurance, health organisations, and other sources.

Wilson Security supports Australian healthcare

Australian healthcare is a vital pillar of our community, which is why Wilson Security is dedicated to looking after the teams of people who spend their lives looking after all of us. We conduct assessments across the industry to determine the ideal security solutions, which can include onsite guards and patrols, CCTV monitoring, controlled access technology, and much more. To learn more about the work we do with the healthcare sector, speak to the team at Wilson Security on 1300 945 766 or email

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