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The benefits of working with one commercial property security provider

Managing commercial properties across multiple locations presents many challenges. Each has its own ecosystem of staff, systems, and processes that can directly impact a business’ bottom line.  Complications can arise when one approach to incident response is unnecessarily or unknowingly different to another. Verification and decision making can also become ineffective when data sets don’t speak to each other.

Maximising productivity while mitigating risk is imperative; that’s why companies should contract one security provider for their entire commercial real estate portfolio. Whether you own office blocks, restaurants, entertainment venues or community facilities, below, we outline the benefits of partnering Wilson Security for the management of numerous building sites.

Scalable staffing solutions  

Wilson Security employs a centralised system for the training and deploying of security staff. This structure utilises a workforce to the best of its capabilities. For example, curating one onboarding program that educates personnel across numerous sites means companies can respond to business needs or sudden events, quickly and efficiently.

Our approach also protects enterprises from unnecessary redundancies. Rather than pigeonholing different personnel to different buildings, your HR department will benefit from being able to move valuable resources as needed. Employees become more versatile, and you can be reassured you’re getting the best person for the job at hand.

Consistency in protocol

It’s best to stamp out any grey areas where protocol may vary between sites at all cost.

Commissioning Wilson Security to oversee safety across multiple properties means you can relax knowing there is a clear set of guidelines that personnel will follow. When we train staff to manage incidents with the same approach every time, there is less confusion, legal liability and disruption to otherwise efficient operations.

Improved performance

As Wilson Security is able to run one comprehensive training program for your team, staff performance can be measured against one consistent framework. Referencing the same metrics opens the door to benchmarking; it becomes easier for management to score quality outcomes.

It’s also paramount that employers are considerate of employee needs – this includes addressing high standards of equity and ethics in the workplace. A consistent approach to performance management provides greater compliance towards the Modern Slavery Act and Fair Work wage entitlements.

Resilience in the face of change

In today’s challenging COVID era, enterprises must be agile and adaptable. If security is controlled from a central source, it becomes easier to roll out change across an entire portfolio, state-wide or nation-wide.

Right now, there is increasing pressure on organisations to enforce occupancy limits, social distancing, and temperature checks (just to name a few). With one firm at the helm, Wilson Security can implement new technologies without fuss. This helps to prevent pitfalls typically associated with a siloed approach to portfolio management.

Less administration

Contracting Wilson Security to manage all your commercial security needs means less paperwork and more direct outcomes. Think of us as a one-stop-shop that takes care of all your security matters – from procurement and corporate risk evaluation through to technology and infrastructure (not just personnel management).

A single contract also ensures you benefit from a consistent level of service and clarity on trading terms. You also gain access to more transparent reporting with the assignment of one national account manager.

Talk to Wilson Security today

If you’d like to rethink your approach to commercial security, Wilson Security is here to support you. Contact us to discuss how one supplier managing multiple properties could benefit you.

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