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Do I Need Static Guards or Mobile Patrols? I Need Static Guards or Mobile Patrols? ​ Every business owner wants to know that their assets are secure, but how best to do it? With each property requiring a unique response and with a range of security options to choose from, building and implementing a security framework that protects your business can be difficult. Fortunately, the process can be simplified. Determining the kind of security staffing arrangement your property requires is key, and this can help shape the rest of your framework. Central to the question of security staffing is, do you need static guards or mobile patrols? While both add a human element to your security framework, they are suited to different areas and have unique operational requirements that must be considered. To help you make a more informed choice, Wilson Security has put together a few points to consider when making security staffing decisions for your business. Read on and ensure your organisation has the protection it needs. Suiting different kinds of sites Key to making the right decision is understanding the specific needs of your property, and how different security solutions may serve these needs. It is self-evident that the security needs of a jewellery store are going to differ significantly from those of a construction site, but have you considered the different needs of different jewellery stores? Your location, your assets, your business activities – all of these will impact the nature of the threats you face and the types of security responses that are required to counter them. In light of this, it's important to keep the relative strengths of static security and mobile patrols in mind. Static security personnel are best suited in locations where constant surveillance of people or assets operating in a fixed area are required. Whether this is high-value stock in a retail space or secure areas in a building, static guards are able to provide the unbroken surveillance you need to minimise the chance of a breach. Conversely, mobile guards are more suited to areas where assets are either physically larger or distributed over a wider area, such as industrial facilities or construction sites. This is not to say to the assets under their protection have a lower monetary value than those protected by static security personnel, rather that because of their size or design they are harder to remove from the location. Consider the difference between cash or jewellery and construction equipment or commercial vehicles. Often these assets will be stored on larger properties, making constant surveillance of all items prohibitively expensive or simply not feasible. The possibility for providing additional services When considering your choice of security staffing solution, it is important to think about how this fits into their overall operations. Savvier owners may be able to further enhance productivity or customer satisfaction with the right security team. Beyond confirming asset security, mobile patrols can also be used to provide maintenance checks and hazard reporting, filing reports throughout their shift in addition to their normal duties. This not only keeps your assets safe from vandalism or theft, but contributes to keeping your employees safe from faulty equipment and on-the-job accidents. The right static security personnel can offer you a new way to engage with customers. Whether you're welcoming clients into an office or buyers into a store, concierge security personnel can provide both the information customers need to make decisions as well as the protection your organisation requires. Training will differ depending on requirements, but concierge security have served as receptionists, tour guides, retail assistants and more, fitting into a wide variety of roles and corporate structures. A difference in perception Businesses should consider how the choice of security personnel affects the public perception of the company. Uniformed static guards have the potential to be perceived as imposing. Depending on your business, this may work for or against you, either intimidating customers away from a sale or sending a clear message to business partners that you take their security and the security of your organisation seriously. Equally, mobile patrols can project an air of efficiency and agility, demonstrating an ability to respond to changing circumstances in a measured and precise way. Carefully consider how your chosen security staffing solution presents your business. View our blog terms and conditions here Every business owner wants to know that their assets are secure, but how best to do it? Patrols;Security IndustryTrue
What to consider when engaging a mobile security service to consider when engaging a mobile security service Whether you own commercial property or are responsible for community security, you should consider the benefits of a mobile security patrol. When you have large quantities of staff, customers or residents moving in and out of your space, it's critical that this is monitored to track suspicious behaviours and mitigate the risk of threats. Mobile security patrols provide businesses with a consistent physical security presence at sites. Mobile patrols can work as a visible presence and physical deterrent to intruders, but they can also ensure regular feedback and monitoring of your surroundings for potential or ongoing threats to your company or community. Mobile Patrols are responsible for alarm response; quick response times to alarm triggers that allows for faster action. They're also useful for lock-up/unlock services, this is especially important for businesses that have large volumes of staff and clients coming in and out of your building. Many businesses also take the opportunity to use them escort staff, providing a complete and reliable service. Selecting the right patrols Physical security is a necessity when your location holds valuables, assets or for communities that want to feel safe and protected. But in choosing the right one there's a few factors to consider. Making the wrong choice in mobile patrol provider may actually be adding risk to your business, whether through malicious intent or pure tardiness and lack of regulation. Read on to find out how you can engage with the right mobile patrol service. Licenses and regulations From the staff through to the company itself, you need to ensure the business you choose complies with legislative requirements and engages properly licensed and trained staff. There's no loopholes or shortcuts when it comes to security, and a registered and accredited security patrol will understand this and put it into practice. Monitoring of activity The provider you choose should have a regular communication with patrol officers both for the assurance of your business and the safety of employees. Poor communication leaves your business and staff vulnerable, so make sure you check that the patrol officers have regular communication back with a control room or monitoring station. This should also allow for 24-hour surveillance and monitoring. Reporting and recording methods A good quality mobile patrol provider will give you regular feedback and communication. Manual reporting means a longer process and the potential for things to go forgotten. Ensure the business you're engaging with has automated reporting and recording that prevents any human-error and keeps all your information easily accessible. Uniforms Security officers should have properly labelled uniform to distinguish them from customers and staff. This means a uniform marked with the business name, and not just a plain uniform. Plain uniformed patrols leave them at risk of being imitated - leaving important information and assets vulnerable to attack. Combining a proper uniform with adequate identification will ensure no one is trading places with anyone. Registered and marked patrol vehicles On the note of identification, patrol companies should offer clear markings on their vehicles, ensuring they are registered and licensed. An unmarked vehicle could suggest that the business works independently and may not have the resources or the accreditation to enforce effective security. Marked patrols also work as an immediate deterrent, whereas unmarked you may be missing out on a critical advantage. Finances, payments and taxes Patrol officers that work cash in hand to avoid tax or who are working on an individual ABN may be untrustworthy. Regulations are in place for a reason, and while it may seem obvious, you want your security to be trusted. Ensure a place that provides you with proper invoicing and is registered as a business. This will keep your company safe, even if there are unforeseen incidents. Staff training It's critical that patrols are provided with the appropriate training for their job, but it's just as important that they are provided with ongoing training. A quality servicer provider knows that the security industry is constantly changing, be it through advances in technology, or simply due to updates to properties. This makes it imperative that ongoing and updated training is consistent, leading to skilled patrols and improved staff engagement. Speak to Wilson Security for more information Are you looking for mobile security patrols for community purposes or to ensure safety of your commercial property and assets? Speak to the team at Wilson today. We are highly experienced in providing both virtual and physical security to a number of clients, and offer quality assurance when we select staff for your needs. Don't leave anything to luck, Wilson Security is happy to discuss a security plan with you. View our blog terms and conditions herePatrolsTrue
Do Your Staff Feel Safe Coming to Work Your Staff Feel Safe Coming to Work Everyone deserves to feel safe at their workplace. As an employer, you have the responsibility to ensure your staff are physically protected from threats at the office. Don't underestimate your need for enhanced security. Wilson Security can provide 24/7 service for your workplace, with trained, professional staff providing the assurance you need so that you and your employees will feel safe coming to work. Only a few weeks ago, a Melbourne court heard evidence from a man who admitted to setting fire to a Commonwealth Bank Branch in Springvale in 2016. Thirty-nine people were inside the branch when the man entered with a container of petrol, upended it onto the floor, and set it alight. The accused was under the influence of drugs at the time, and recalls being angry with staff about being made to wait for service. Staff and customers involved in the incident state that their lives have forever been impacted; one staff member saying that the memory will 'always be in the back of my mind'. A modern office needs modern security If modern companies are to thrive in today's competitive industry, they've had to ditch the traditional notion of '9-5' and become far more flexible with the way they work. A global economy mean working global hours and for businesses dealing with overseas clients office hours can be atypical to a standard Australian business – very early mornings and very late nights. If a staff member wants to ride their bike into work at 5am, they need to be able to safely access the building, including entering and moving within the carpark, getting into the building, operating the lifts, and having their work environment regulated with air conditioning or heating. If you meet with clients at your office, it will be reassuring for you to know that their safety and wellbeing is also accounted by your security team whilst they are guests of your business. We can act as an extension of the customer service experience. A lawyer who urgently needs to meet with a client in the middle of the night can be sure that their office will be open, lit up, and safe to move through. In this sense, modern offices have become more like hotels – requiring 24/7 service, with a concierge available to make sure you can safely and securely access the workplace when you need to. Trained and professional staff to greet you at the door Our officers and security personnel are handpicked for their security intelligence, experience and high level of perception and trained to further enhance these skills. Undertaking the role of concierge service requires specialised skills. Our staff are discreet, friendly, and professional, and understand that their purpose is to make you feel safe and comfortable no matter what time you're heading into the office. We understand that some offices handle sensitive content, and we endeavour to provide a service that is unobtrusive to you and your work, yet a deterring presence to potential threats. If you don't require a physical security presence, we can still provide 24/7 service from a remote monitoring station. Through CCTV control room monitoring, our security guards can turn on lights, unlock lifts, and turn on the heating and cooling systems. Should you require specific assistance, they are available for instant communication via an intercom system. If you work in a modern office, then you need the best possible security measures to protect you, your staff, and your clients. Speak to the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Wilson Security about how we can best serve you. View our blog terms and conditions here Wilson Security discusses the modern office and the role that security plays in ensuring staff feel safe coming to work. Find out how our trained staff can make your office feel like a hotel.Commercial Real EstateTrue
Why Wilson Security are the Best Security Provider in the CRE Space Wilson Security are the Best Security Provider in the CRE Space ​When engaging a security provider, you want to know that you're choosing a team that is trusted, experienced, reliable, accredited and industry compliant. This is essential when you work in commercial real estate (CRE) space. You have assets, products, staff and machinery that needs protection, and the right tools to ensure this. That's why it's imperative you're choosing a team that understand the ins and outs of security. Commercial real estate has distinctive needs that mean they require tailored, detailed services that consider more than just the blueprints of the building. When choosing security for your business, from shopping malls to manufacturing facilities, the security you choose will impact your vulnerability to threats. Here's a few reasons why Wilson Security is the leading security provider in the industry. We take time to understand your business needs Customised security has shown major success in business, allowing for a tailored selection of technology, patrols and more. You know how business works, we know what it needs to stay safe. We take the time to consider and understand what you need, and allow for equal collaboration that leads to the best possible outcome. This goes the same for your building service needs. Every building is different, and a security system that considers this is the best option for you. We don't just offer you a stock standard choice for your business. We consider every corner, every staircase and every entrance when we create a custom design. We understand corporate real estate We have an extensive client base that includes a huge variety of businesses in corporate real estate. This history and experience has led us to have a firm understanding of a variety of industry sectors and their building needs. We distinguish between different industries and take the time to consider what's required to keep your business running smoothly. A national footprint Due to our national scope, we are able to offer large-scale businesses and corporations with complete security solutions. Businesses with properties across the country can rest easy knowing they're engaging with one single brand that can create a completely customised solution. Specialisation We are proud to have CRE sector specialisation, with a huge number of CRE clients spread across multiple cities. The scope of our client-base helps us have a unique specialisation to the industry, and ensures we are constantly staying up-to-date with the technology and training needs that are required to keep your business protected. Integrated security risk management provider We are proud to provide you with everything you need, incorporated into a custom bundle. Wilson Security provides a full range of service options; technology, risk assessment and control, CPP, national operation centre support, concierge & customer service and mobile patrols. You don't need to pick and choose between different specialists to make sure you have the full scope, because we'll supply you with everything you need. Investing in the right solutions We want you to invest in the right provider, so we invest in the right solutions. From the best in technology security through to training our staff to be equipped and qualified to handle anything, you can trust that we will put our best team at the front. We invest in up-to-date, adaptable and dynamic service solutions that enhance security services, as well as give operational efficiencies and greater security recording and reporting. This means better responses, strong risk assessment and management, and a team that is fully prepared. Contact the leaders in custom made security solutions For a security team that cares about the difference they make, speak to the team at Wilson Security. We offer a full suite of security for commercial properties, including patrols, officers and guards, technologyand concierge services. The team is always happy to discuss a fully tailored security solution to suit the needs of your business. Call us on 1300 945 766. View our blog terms and conditions here Wilson Security prides itself on its exceptional quality of service, providing tailored solutions for their client-base. Read on to see why we’re making a difference. Commercial Real EstateTrue
When a Courier Isn't Enough - The Value of Secure Logistics't-Enough---The-Value-of-Secure-Logistics.aspxWhen a Courier Isn't Enough - The Value of Secure Logistics ​ There are some things you simply can't email. Most businesses across Australia use courier companies to ferry documents and items between offices, to business partners and to customers. While these couriers continue to play an important role in the operation of businesses across a range of industries, there are some things that are simply beyond them. In situations where the greatest levels of accountability and precision are needed, or deliveries are extremely time-sensitive, it's important to know that your goods are in the right hands. For these cases an additional level of service is required. Once thought of only as cash-in-transit, Secure Logistics are services that specialise in providing a greater level of speed, security and/or traceability in deliveries that more conventionally equipped couriers can't achieve. While often requiring deeper and more careful integration into your supply chain, secure logistics companies provide an invaluable service that guarantees the safety of your goods. The risk of underestimating a threat Loss of valuable goods or documents can be devastating for a business. In cases where cash is being moved between locations, the need for protection is paramount – while commercial insurance provides a welcome safety net, managing the immediate short-fall in funds can put significant strain on the business. While it may seem unlikely that your specific transport would be targeted, there is the ever present risk that it could be your goods or cash taken in a robbery. The Australian Institute of Criminology issued a report in 2010 that in a 20-year period spanning from 1989 to 2008, there were 89 reported armed robbery incidents of armoured cash-in-transit vehicles in Australia. Considering that these could contain an entire day or week's takings for your business, organisations working in competitive industries or to extremely thin margins could find themselves severely impacted by a theft. The consequences of losing valuable goods or products are easy to understand, but what's more complex can be the theft of significant documents. In modern commerce data and information can be a business' most valuable assets, and the loss of internal memoranda or communications with a potential business partner or client can cause lasting damage to a company. Imagine if a law firm were to lose documents protected by legal professional privilege, or a business' plans to merge or downsize released to competitors – the damage extends well beyond the immediate financial considerations and into the organisation's long-term brand and reputation. Incidents like this can potentially permanently affect relationships with current and future clients, effectively stunting the growth and development of the business until it has re-earned the trust of the wider community. An equivalent can be seen in the way that companies that fall victim to data theft are treated in the media and by their customers. While the Equifax data breach – which exposed the private data of more than 200 million consumers – can seem like a far cry from the fallout from the loss and subsequent public release of a single document, the market largely assesses the reliability of a company based on number of failures of information security, not the size of an individual failure. What secure logistics can offer you Gone are the days of the dumb 'bank vault on wheels'. While armoured vehicles and other secure transports still have a role in transporting large amounts of currency or valuable commodities, they are being augmented by the latest in technology. Many secure logistics businesses leverage real-time global positioning systems combined with geofencing to ensure that deliveries take the shortest, most efficient route and stay on time. The secure logistics industry was one of the first commercial interests to adopt widespread fleet tracking, and businesses have continued to grow their capabilities in this area in the decades since. Advances in navigation systems are allowing greater levels of precision, accountability and transparency in supply chains, providing more accurate real-time updates to stakeholders. Just as being able to see your driver arrive on a ride-sharing app has changed how people order and interact with vehicle for hire services, the implementation of more and more accurate vehicle tracking systems has allowed for both the sender and the receiver of to achieve greater levels of efficiency. Previously, both parties had to rely on the best-case estimates of the logistics company in order to coordinate operations around deliveries, but this has changed. New levels of transparency have enabled businesses to integrate the sending and receiving of goods over long distances into just-in-time operations, minimising waste by receiving goods precisely when they are needed. If you'd like to work with a secure logistics company that works to understand the unique goals and requirements of your organisation, start a conversation with a Wilson Security consultant today. View our blog terms and conditions here Secure logistics offers an exceptional service for exceptional cargo. Find out how it could fit into your business’ operationsSecurity Industry2019-01-17T16:00:00ZFalse
Developing and Implementing Best Practices for Access Control and Implementing Best Practices for Access Control ​ Access control is a critical part of any organisation's security overlay. Your initial line of defence against unwanted entry, access control is not only your first chance to defeat potential intrusion but can also be a powerful deterrent for less committed hostile actors. Proper access control measures limit the need for responses by personnel or other security systems such as video surveillance, reducing the risk to assets and minimising the resources required to successfully protect your people and assets. Defining what access control means for your organisation and how best to implement it in a safe and effective way can be difficult. It requires considering questions about the value of certain assets; the risk posed to those assets; where you've fallen short in protecting these assets; and the extent to which your current security measures adequately protect against these risks. You also need to weigh this against the level of inconvenience that your staff are willing to accept as well as the health and safety implications of certain measures. Wilson Security has worked closely with building owners, corporate tenants and facilities managers to develop comprehensive security solutions for businesses across a range of industries, so we understand the importance of access control and the different ways measures can be deployed. Read our blog and make better informed security decisions for your business today. Identifying the role of access control Because of the potential to deter, defend against or even completely defeat potential threats access control should have a central role in your organisation's security plans. While it can be a powerful first line of defence, there are limitations and these need to be clearly understood in order to be effective. The best forms of access control require that you first understand the ways in which people interact with your property. This means taking the time to identify where a restricted asset or area is, who should be able to access it, and when they should be permitted to access it. Our experience has taught us that effective access control measures err on the side of caution; take an exclusive approach that eliminates everything barring a few select acceptable access scenarios. Once you've defined the acceptable window of access, you can begin to determine what falls outside of that. Referred to as the principle of least privilege or 'need-to-know', this conceptual shift means that you're likely to end up with a smaller pool of people who are able to access the asset, naturally limiting your risk. Taking a layered approach to security Once you've determined the few acceptable access scenarios for your asset, it's time to start developing measures that prevent access in unacceptable scenarios. Access control is a broad area of practice that can involve everything from automated systems to manned solutions. Especially for larger, high value or more complex properties, multiple interconnected access control measures may be required to achieve the right level of security. This reflects the principle of layered security – deploying multiple security systems concurrently and consecutively in order to slow or halt any unauthorised access. A simple example can be seen at many buildings with allocated carparking– the installation of staffed checkpoints allows scrutiny of visitors coming in via a certain route, but it's useless without a fence or other physical barrier that stops people from simply avoiding the checkpoint all together. Similarly, a person who has skimmed an access card for your building is going to have little problem getting past key card locked doors, but investing in multi-factor authentication – such as requiring the simultaneous entry of an access code or submitting to a biometric scan – can severely limit the potential for damage. In all of this, it's important to not lose sight of your regulatory requirements such as providing safe fire escapes for all personnel. Working with an experienced and professional security company when devising your solutions ensures that you're balancing convenience, safety and security without compromising on any. Building the right systems There's no one size fits all access control solution, as the material facts and security requirements of each property will differ sharply. The right solution comes from close study of your needs and your own vulnerabilities, and a thorough understanding of the appropriateness of each access control system. View our blog terms and conditions here Access control is an essential part of every business’ security. Wilson Security makes you aware of some of the considerations in our latest blog.Retail2018-12-18T16:00:00ZFalse
Using Innovative Security to Improve Retail Service Innovative Security to Improve Retail Service ​ The way customers interact with products and the way they want to experience shopping has changed. Gone are the days of a few security guards out the front of the store checking your bags as you leave. Security is evolving and becoming less overt, while technology advances become a central consideration for businesses that wish to stay protected. This shift has created a security scene that is now home to innovation rather than purely man power. The challenge within the security industry is to not only to alter the way retail shoppers view security but also how businesses interact and utilise their protective services. A shifting perception The retail scene has always needed to employ individuals to help protect against theft. With items being small enough to put in your pockets, security personnel were needed to help guard a business’s property. This service from security was based on obvious physical deterrants which went directly against a positive customer experience. As companies have focused more on customer experience and interaction, security has had to change to be more sophisticated and targeted. This shift has led to the innovation of concierge security, which aims to provide a more complete experience to a business. Highly trained and mobile, they can help a business by being on the move and visible. This also helps to create a shopping experience where customers feel safer as security is present should they feel threatened or unsafe. A more versatile role The role of security as merely a means of checking customers as they leave the store is outdated. Modern security and loss prevention officers should know about the businesses they are protecting. This is not just so they can better protect where they work but also to help aid customers. Adopting more of a hybrid role, security guards may also act as a greeter or point of contact for customers looking for information. These responsibilities and interactions with the public can help to create a relationship between customer and business as well as an added level or personality that can help grow a brand’s reputation. The increased use of technology Despite the obvious benefits of a physical security force being able to protect products and customers, there are alternatives. Remote security creates a seamless shopping experience and may be an option for your business. Without loss prevention officers present, shoppers may feel less watched and more relaxed during their shopping experience, which may increase their time in store and willingness to buy. The technology that makes this happen is video camera surveillance which can aid in monitoring those who enter and exit the store. It can also record what they do while they are inside which can help to identify any potential threats. Another way businesses with high value products can protect their stock is RFID tagging. This technology allows the products to be tracked when they are moved, even within the store. RFID tagging allows a store to immediately know if a product has left the store without being paid for and an alert is raised. This sophisticated protection is the future, and stands to benefit both consumer and business alike. Security of the future No matter what security overlay is right for your business the use of technology and a more adaptable, personable security force can help to revolutionise your business. Whether you stock high end items or just need protection to help deter theft, security is changing to fit within your individual business’s needs. Security is a requirement rather than option as time goes by, that’s why securing the right security company for your business is imperative to its continued protection. For more information about how we can help with your retail security solution, contact us and speak to one of our consultants. View our blog terms and conditions hereAs time goes on, the way customers interact with products and the way they want to experience shopping changes. Gone are the days of a few security guards out the front of the store checking your bags as you leave.Retail2018-07-09T16:00:00ZFalse
How do analytics play a part in supporting the value of security service? do analytics play a part in supporting the value of security service? ​Big data. It’s a buzz word that is here to stay, and for good reason. Referring to extremely large data sets that have previously been too complex for average analysis platforms, ‘big data’ now allows us to sift through huge amounts of information to identify actionable insights. It’s in these insights where the value of security service really comes into its own. Until the advent of big data, security analytics focused on looking at previous security events to inform future strategies. Now, by assessing wide ranges of information, security analytics can monitor data in real time and produce new and predicted patterns that security providers can use in risk assessment, security scaling, procedure refinement and proactive security behaviours. Using analysis for risk assessments In the past, security strategies and risk assessments were based on assumed knowledge of behaviours, past events, established patterns and the expertise of security professionals. But as modern threats continue to diversify thanks to advancing technology and savvy opportunists, risk analysis has needed to become more agile in its ability to adapt to real time and predicted threats. Modern risk assessments allow security firms to take insights from data analysis to address a range of vulnerabilities including Hazard and event risks Operational and physical Rrisks Technology and informational risk Market and economic risk The data that feeds this information comes from a huge range of sources, and has been fuelled by a few key changes in recent years such as Advances in cloud computing and its impact on how people, businesses and governments interact An increase in the use of wireless and wired security systems and corporate networks Increasing use of mobile devices used by organizations in the management of crisis response and crisis, individual safety and emergency response on company premises Advancements in the technology of video analytics Leveraging controlled access technology and security systems to fuel analysis Cloud computing and wireless technology have opened an incredible opportunity for private security analysis to offer far more than simple security. By analysing data gained from access control infrastructure, security analysis can deliver valuable insights to businesses about their daily operations, traffic flows, vulnerabilities, emergency situations and procedures and much more. These insights enhance the level of service and ROI of security, giving businesses the ability to make informed decisions far more quickly. The range of applications for security data analysis is extensive, with every industry able to take real advantage of the insights available to them. This is especially so when there is an innovative and integrated security solution at play, combining multiple technologies such as video analytics. Video Surveillance changing the game The capabilities of video surveillance have far surpassed simply giving extra eyes to security. Now, thanks to advances in video analytics, security surveillance cameras also offer the opportunity to incorporate technology such as facial recognition and behavioural analysis. In addition to immensely improving security service, this analysis can play a huge role in business development. For example, not only can facial recognition identify suspicious individuals, it can also provide data on the demographics frequenting businesses or organisations, helping to improve service and security at the same time. Similarly, behavioural analysis can inform a retail business of shoplifting hotspots aiding loss prevention, while also mapping out traffic flow that can be leveraged for strategic merchandising. Scalable Security The real value of data analysis, however, comes into play in facilitating scalable security. Data analysis can alert security services when behavioural anomalies occur. Not only does this improve security response rates, it also gives security services the ability to scale up your security strategy in alignment with business growth. Work with a company that leverages state-of-the-art analytics technology and processes to continually improve your business’ security strategy. Speak with one of the Wilson Security team today and find out how we could help protect your assets against the threats of tomorrow. View our blog terms and conditions here ​Big data. It’s a buzz word that is here to stay, and for good reason. Referring to extremely large data sets that have previously been too complex for average analysis platforms...Technology2018-07-04T16:00:00ZFalse
What Separates Wilson Security from The Rest? Separates Wilson Security from The Rest? ​ Wilson Security is one of Australia's leading private security providers, delivering a broad range of services to a diverse client list. What makes us different is our twin dedication to continuous innovation and ongoing compliance, delivering a service that responds to threats intelligently while still adhering to industry regulations. A devotion to innovation The world is evolving, and security must evolve with it. New threats to your organisation’s people, assets, reputation and profitability are emerging every day, so you need a business that understands how to move to confront them. At Wilson Security, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that grows and develops alongside your organisation’s need and capabilities. Whether you’re reaching into new markets or expanding your existing operations, we’re here for you. Our flexibility and focus on innovation can be seen in our close partnerships with many leading Australian companies. For example, in Commercial Real Estate a small development of four townhouses will require a drastically different response than an 80-floor office or apartment building, but when you partner with Wilson Security, we’re able to provide the service your latest project requires. Depending on the design of the building itself, the nature of the occupants, the application for which the building is being used and the entities in the surrounding area, we’ll recommend a variety of solutions drawing on our expertise in Patrolling and static guards Concierge security Access control Remote surveillance Additionally, we can provide a full range of risk based solutions including Consulting Risk assessment Control testing Project management As your needs change, so can our responses. Has a break-in exposed a weakness in your security system? Have financial or staffing factors emerged that could influence the vulnerability of the property? Is your property now required to provide around-the-clock access? Wilson Security delivers all services in accordance with the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard, operating alongside a continuous improvement model that allows fast, targeted responses to changing circumstances. When security considerations shift, rely on us to develop a multi-dimensional solution that addresses the needs of individual stakeholders. Our dedication to innovation extends to technology. We understand that in an increasingly digital world, purely analogue solutions will not suffice. That is why we’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to provide faster, more effective and more precise responses to threats as they emerge, wherever they are in Australia. Our security services are delivered and monitored through the Wilson National Operations Centre, providing an exceptional level of security for private and commercial clients whether it be through tech based solutions or traditional manpower. Using a combination of offsite monitoring of video surveillance, remote access control and intrusion detection systems, we keep your property safe around the clock. Dedicated to compliance Ensuring your organisation is protected not only from physical threats to property and people but legal threats to your bottom line is a crucial consideration for any business-owner. A key part of this is working with a security firm that not only delivers an exceptional standard of protection for your assets and personnel but is fully compliant with Australia’s extensive state and federal regulations regarding private security. The consequences for overlooking this can be dire. Numerous security companies in have been found to be in breach of the principle of accessorial liability – a principle by which all parties in a professional relationship could be charged with breach of the Fair Work Act when only one has been directly involved in a contravention of the Act. This is most commonly seen when a security contractor transfers employees to a number of sub-contractor businesses, who then often pay below the award rate or in cash. This can be ruinous for the client of the original security company, as accessorial liability could see them liable for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-pay and damages. Finding a company dedicated to compliance can have real, material consequences for your business’ finances. If you’d like to find out how Wilson Security could enhance the operation of your business, speak to one of our consultants today. View our blog terms and conditions here Wilson Security is one of Australia’s premier security companies. Find out what makes our services truly industry leading in our latest blog. Security Industry2018-06-26T16:00:00ZFalse
The Role of Private Security in Creating Safe Cities Role of Private Security in Creating Safe Cities In 1989 New York City was considered a seriously dangerous place. The city was synonymous with gang violence, urban decay, and a society besieged with ineradicable street crime. To address the seemingly insurmountable task of restoring order to the streets, a privately financed venture was initiated in Midtown Manhattan to support the New York Police Department. Commercial property owners within the district agreed to self-impose a surtax to pay for security services. Trained security personnel were posted on the ground at commercial properties and proved to be instrumental in crime reduction and keeping order in the Midtown area. According to the FBI, in 1990 alone there were 527,257 recorded crimes in NYC, a number that was significantly reduced after the partnership with private security commenced. In the 16 years following there was 75% reduction in crime 73% reduction in murder 76% reduction in robbery 57% reduction in grand larceny What was once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the western world, was ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit Safe Cities Index in 2015 as the 10th safest city in the world. The role of private security in creating safe cities is not, as many envision, about introducing private armies. Instead of supplementing police forces, private security instead adds resources to a public service, strengthening the ability and capacity for both public and private stakeholders to respond in crisis situations, aid in crime prevention, and provide evidentiary support within the justice system. From cutting edge technology, to communication innovation and trained personnel, private services play a pivotal role in reshaping and reinforcing public security. In an age where security risks are always evolving and there is a constant threat of terrorism, extra vigilance and dynamic response systems are vital, and that is where private security comes in. Using technology to create dynamic networks The rise in private security has introduced enormous technological capabilities throughout cities. With CCTV now common place, remote monitoring through private surveillance means there are more trained eyes monitoring and assessing public spaces. Private CCTV and remote monitoring provides a range of benefits including Deterrence of criminal behaviour Fast reporting and response of suspicious behaviours Supporting police in civilian crime as evidence Asset and people protection Increase detection and response in medical events Communication Capabilities Not only does CCTV and remote monitoring increase the ability to detect security events, advanced communication technology gives private security the ability to activate immediate response for the surrounding areas. For example, if there is a terrorist event detected in one area, advanced security communication can initiate building lock downs and emergency security responses in surrounding areas. These communication and response capabilities are also vital for keeping the community safe during severe weather events or environmental emergencies. Building Safe Spaces for the Whole Community While terrorism and overt criminal activity is undeniably a real and present threat, it is only one aspect of creating a safe city. In assessing and ranking cities according the safe city index the Economist Intelligence Unit explains “perception of safety among city residents is one of the indicators used to build the index and this falls under the category of personal safety”. With such a complex, dynamic and culturally diverse society, the visible presence and daily interaction with private security plays an essential role in creating the perception of safe spaces, and instils an understanding of an active security presence throughout the city, a huge deterrence for unacceptable behaviour. Security in Education Facilities Security in education campuses play a huge role in providing a safe space for culturally diverse communities. With the health of the Australian education sector largely depending on revenue from international students, ensuring our secondary educational campuses are safe and appealing is essential to the vitality and growth of our communities and economy. Special care must be taken by companies to balance security with accessibility – children may not be willing or physically or legally capable of submitting to enhanced security measures, so often inventive approaches must be taken to ensure they are adequately protected. These could involve specialised access control procedures timed to arrivals, foot and bicycle patrols around the perimeter of the school, and secure student transport solutions. In all cases, attention must be paid to how the security measures could potentially negatively impact the students’ education, either by intimidating them or simply slowing their progress around the school. Security in Health Care Similarly, health care facilities are frequented to a huge cross section of the community and have an integral role in the health and wellbeing of our cities. Integrated private security solutions ensure both public and private healthcare facilities are safe and welcoming to the entire community, while keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe in high risk environments. The extreme diversity of hospital patients means that security companies need to have broad and detailed plans in place in order to achieve the result clients are looking for. Companies must also be aware that health care security comes with dual goals – protecting the hospital and patients from outside actors and protecting the hospital from its own patients. Different responses will suit different threats – for example, RFID tracking of tools and drugs can work to prevent theft by patients and staff but will be less useful for determined external threats. Concierge security can be useful for helping to create a non-threatening environment for patients, potentially deescalating situations before they ever truly become threats to staff or assets. Using Innovation and Training to Serve the People As part of these integrated security solutions, compliant private security providers invest in the training and professional development of security staff. Moving beyond static guards, leading private security suppliers invest in ongoing training to equip multi-skilled personnel to fill roles including concierge and customer service. Not only does this increase the value of service for businesses and government organisation, it creates a more trusting and engaged security environment, and safer cities. To read the NYC case study Click here View our blog terms and conditions here In 1989 New York City was considered a seriously dangerous place. 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